The best internships for 2010

January 13, 2010

Vault came up with a list of the 10 best internships for 2010. Their first criteria: pay. If your internship is not paid, it’s not the best.


Portraits of interns

September 18, 2009

Structurally recyclable, basically disposable is the project of Elisabetta Lombardo, herself a former intern now based in Berlin. She plans to photograph interns and former interns to raise awareness about this status.

The message I want to convey with my work is the feeling of “modularity”, “interchangeability” that this system of employment gives us.

You too can take part in the project as Elisabetta is calling for interns or former European interns willing to be photographed.

If you are or have recently been an intern, are critical of this form of “employment”, even when you have liked your internship, and you want to share your experience, you can contact me directly or through the website I will of course be doing the traveling to you.
Unfair internships need all the attention they can get and this is quite an interesting way to go about it.

BBC calls for stories

September 14, 2009

The BBC is looking for testimonials from unpaid interns.

Are you doing or have you recently done unpaid work experience or an unpaid internship?

I am a researcher at the BBC currently looking at the issue in light of the credit crunch. I’m trying to get in contact with anyone who may have had a bad experience in this area. If this is you or someone you know, please contact me by email at:, on 0161 244 3931 or 07810 855 315.

Contact them directly if you fit the bill. It’s very nice to see the media pay attention to the issue.

Virtual internships – virtually real jobs

March 6, 2009

From an article in The Examiner about virtual internships:

When we interview for virtual internship positions, we are really looking for two things. First, interns need to be self-starters. Because they won’t be in our office each day, I need to know that they will be diligent with deadlines, make good use of their time and come back to me if they have the ability to take on additional projects,” said Woofter.

I wonder what makes these positions “internships”?

Worst Media Internship Ever

February 19, 2009

Gawker may well have found it on Craigslist. The question remains whether it’s an internship at Gawker.

Spirofrog – A German Resource

November 2, 2007

A good way to fight unfair internships is to turn them down in the first place. It would be easier if sufficient alternatives were available. Here’s a German tools that should help our German-speaking readers: Spirofrog. It lists only fair internships, based on the German initiative, Fair Company.

Tor students this service is great as they get access to “paid only” internships free of charge, and companies can display themselves as a ‘fair company’.

It lists internships anywhere in the world, not only in Germany, so get yourself a German/Swiss/Austrian friend and start digging. Apparently, an English version is planned in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

(By way of Blognation)

German example

October 9, 2006

It has the quality of being blunt: “We are not only looking for new employees, we are looking for committed and young-minded people, who want to take the chance working for a global company.” Once again, the “chance” to work for free.

Looking at the job posting, it’s quite clear that they are looking for a new employee, not someone that they want to coach at the expense of their own productivity:

• Support of the recruitment process and contract management
• Participation in HR projects and taking over own projects
• All HR database related data management and management of the time-tracking-system

Their attempt to hide it is miserable. From the “Your profile” section: “First working experience in Human Resources in an international environment.” So, since it’s a first in this particular context, you have too much to learn to be paid? What about: “First working experience on the 7th floor of a building oriented northwest”? If the employee is expected to do all of the above, it’s not an internship.

But I’d be surprised if they get all they ask for. One of the requirements is “Very good knowledge of the German employment law”.