WSJ: Getting Logic Wrong

The Wall Street Journal editorial staff takes up unfair internships again:

The fear seems to be that dishonest employers will use unpaid interns to do the work that salaried entry-level staffers used to do. Not only does this displace jobless workers in a down economy, it also exploits the college students so desperate for work that they’ll do menial jobs for free. That’s the theory, anyway.

The reality is different, as we can both attest. Horror stories do circulate, but our much more ordinary experiences offer a reality check: In general unpaid internships end up being useful experiences—and serve several important functions in the labor market.

Did you see that? The logical jump? Theory wants that employers are replaced by unpaid interns BUT in reality internships are useful experiences.

Who said internships were not useful experience? They point themselves at a different problem, which is replacement of paid workers with free labor.


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