The insidious rise in unpaid internships can run afoul of federal guidelines

Steve Duin, at The Oregonian, gets it right when he points out that the media isn’t supposed to hire staff for free. A good quote:

[Interns] don’t know that being trained for a job at their own expense has been “illegal forever,” to quote Oregon’s former labor commissioner, Jack Roberts.

Most interestingly, Steve Duin refers to successful court cases against unfair internships:

Roberts and Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries could point me to only three successful wage claims for bogus internships, against Centron Solar, Design for Home and Cart De Frisco International Inc., a food-cart operation.

It is a rare occurrence, so let’s see if we can find out more details.


3 Responses to The insidious rise in unpaid internships can run afoul of federal guidelines

  1. Frank says:

    BOLI only had a successful case against Cart De Frisco due to the owners being out of the country and not filing timely response in defense.

  2. tony longo says:

    Get your facts straight or your just a wasted time! Which after looking over your site I have read and do not find you to be balanced in your opinion. SO? are you are all about stopping internships…. do you speak english as a second language? If not are you ready to learn Chinese? I hope so, we are all going to be out a job with people like you making it hard for honest people trying to teach UNSKILLED workers how to make a living.

  3. ExIntern says:

    If you would point at the facts that are incorrect, I’ll be more than happy to correct them.

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