BBC: “Unpaid internships ‘breaking minimum wage law'”

More mainstream media coversage in the UK. The BBC Radio 5 on the issue of unfair internships:

Concerns have also been raised that companies recruiting unpaid interns, like Craig, are actually breaking the minimum wage law.

Oh, really? An intern puts it in his own words:

“When you’re asking people to do important things which a company needs to be done, and you want them to be there over a long period of time, it does become work which needs to be paid.”

Well said. Why this simple rule goes out the door when an employee is called an “intern” baffles me.


3 Responses to BBC: “Unpaid internships ‘breaking minimum wage law'”

  1. Matt Dykes says:

    Good blog, folks.

    This weekend the TUC is launching its new Rights for Interns website at

    We’ll be providing information and advice on the rights interns should expect, allows them to share their experiences and explains the benefits of joining a union.

  2. exintern says:

    Thanks for thee link. I just posted about it, in support of your launch. Great job. Welcome to the campaign.

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