Calls for paid internships to combat ‘exploitation’

The Journal, put together by young journalists and catering to Scottish students, has an interesting article on the active campaign in the UK to ban unfair internships. Internocracy and Intern Aware get mentions. Nice to see that the unions also get a word in the debate.

Ian Tasker, assistant secretary of Scotland’s Trade Union Centre, is concerned at the lack of remuneration that young people see from these internships.

He said: “At the very least these positions should be treated in the same way as any other employment and paid accordingly, at least at the minimum wage rate applicable at any given time.

“To do anything else is just playing on the naivety of young people entering employment. The United Kingdom government and the Scottish Government should be looking at how we eradicate student hardship and not increase the amount of young people living below the poverty line.”

Since new entrants on the job market are not organized, it is important for unions to take a stand, as they realize that unfair internships are a source of cheap labor that competes with their members.


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