The Unpaid Revolution

When an article starts with:

A revolution is coming. And it will not be funded. At least for now. Who’s going to revolt? Unpaid interns.

… you know it’s going to be good.

Juliette Dannas-Feeney gets it right more than once in the GW Hatchet. Some examples:

Unfortunately, there’s sometimes a fine line between unpaid internships and slave labor.

Unpaid internships like these are the elephants in the room.

While this blog has shown little interest in the issue of “boring internships”, Juliette brings a fair point about them:

In other words, the work I do at my internship cannot benefit the company or the way it runs its business in any way. According to these criteria, it’s essentially illegal for me to file papers, organize a co-worker’s calendar, or deliver mail.

Indeed, if the internship is unpaid, how can it be legal if it consists of administrative work?

Let’s hope that this article will light a spark at George Washington University.


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