UK: I don’t feel sorry for interns

Is it just a provocation to drive traffic? Anyway, the Guardian’s Linsey Hanley is hammering on unpaid interns and reminding them that there are far worst people in the world. I say this is an excellent argument to serve to people calling the police for a robbery: “Don’t complain, it could have been worse!”

Internships are the surest way to avoid being exploited over the course of your working life.

Be exploited so that you’ll never be exploited? Go figure.

She gets very close to getting it, but no.

Without doubt, it’s an insult to graduates, who have worked hard no matter what their background, to have to work a year or two for free. But that’s not the point.

I’m afraid that is the point. This attempt to ignore the situation, to claim it is irrelevant does not excuse or erase the facts. Some people in a vulnerable segment of the workforce are being exploited because employers are taking advantage of their vulnerability. I do hope that most of them will move on to have a successful career, but it doesn’t justify pitting them against each other when they enter the labour market.

It has to be a ploy to drive traffic. And I fell for it!


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