Keep your own House in order

The Deputy Leader of the House of Commons in London, Chris Bryant, is not only a lawmaker but also part of the management of the Parliament. As part of a review of the working conditions of MP staffers, he was asked a question about the labor (or labour) practices of the Parliament. More specifically, he was asked about internships:

7th Question from the floor: What about interns? The situation is not satisfactory will they look at their pay and expenses?

CB: Personally I feel very uncertain about the situation with interns.

  1. It is not good to employ people for free
  2. It is not right that people with contacts or wealth get on in professional life because they have those two things.

I will not criticise colleagues who have interns and I know people are prepared to volunteer because they are so passionate about it. It is not our intention that the independent Committee on Standards and Public Life will look at that although the work being done by Alan Milburn on access to the professions may address it. I think interns should be a separate issue and I would support a formal system of internships like they have in the EU.

Notice how the MP makes very good points about how the labor market should operate. If lawmakers start respecting the labour laws, maybe they’ll feel less uneasy about enforcing them.

(via Interns Anonymous)


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