Why do you call it an internship?

I’d really, really like to know what each person mean when they say “internship”. In this story from the Toronto Star for instance, it sounds very much like a job, but it’s called an internship. Could it be that it’s simply an unpaid job? Have we got to a point where we legitimize unpaid jobs by calling them “internships”?

Maybe the best question a potential intern could ask when applying for an internship is to ask “Why do you call it an internship?” If the answer is “because you will be tutored in a learning environment with benefits for you and not for the company”, then go for it. If it’s “because it’s unpaid”, run away.


One Response to Why do you call it an internship?

  1. Claire says:

    I definitely agree. A good internship should work both ways. Earn and learn. Speaking of internships, I recently bumped in to a site that offers services for students such as helping them create a free student resume online and even post their jobs wanted ad. Just wanted to share. It’s NUresume, http://www.nuresume.com, you can have a free online resume and you can also post internships, scholarships, jobs and even colleges wanted.

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