10 Rules for Hiring Unpaid Interns

Again and again, people who know what they are talking about repeat that internships are not free labor. Now, Workforce Management has spoken with a lawyer who provides a checklist. Let’s quote only one line.

Interns can’t be used to replace paid employees.

Who still doesn’t know this? Too many, apparently.


4 Responses to 10 Rules for Hiring Unpaid Interns

  1. Lee says:

    Is there anything you can do if a company is using interns incorrectly?

  2. exintern says:

    Yes. See the sections “Resources” and “What to do”.

  3. Lori says:

    My daughter was just accepted into an internship – unpaid. No problem, but the guy didn’t look at her portfolio, nor did he do that for the other 20 interns he’d hired. He had two full-time employees.

    Apparently the government caught wind of it. He called my daughter back last week and told her that “management” had decided to pay their interns minimum wage. Right. Like he had a choice!

    • exintern says:

      20 interns and two staff. Wow, talk about trying to slip one past the law. I’m glad that it had a happy ending for your daughter and hope that it’s a sign that the government is starting to enforce its own law.

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