Why You Should Pay Your Intern

Please bookmark this one: accountants explain to the world why interns should be paid. I’m not offended that they argue from the perspective of the employer, quite the opposite. The rule that providing better wages gets you better staff is pretty much accepted everywhere – everywhere that does not offer and unfair internship, that is.

Some good stats:

In a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, nearly all responding organizations who use their internship programs as part of their college recruiting effort pay their interns.

And why not mention that interns themselves get more out it:

NACE’s study of the students from the Class of 2007 found that students who reported dissatisfaction with their internships tended to be in unpaid programs.

And what do they mean by “paid”? A stipend to buy a muffin, a coffee and a bus ticket (one-way) maybe? Not so:

Overall, employers reported offering their undergraduate interns an average of $16.33 per hour — and nearly $25 per hour for interns at the master’s degree level.

The data is aligned with the law which is aligned with ethics which are aligned with progress. Now that’s an opportunity your business won’t want to miss.


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