To the highest bidder

March 30, 2008

Taking an unfair internship is paying to work considering all the work-related expenses that put you in the red. But, as this blog has mentioned before, some literally pay to get an internship. The New York Times reported in January that CharityBuzz is auctioning internships – and they go for several thousands of dollars. It’s so upsetting that they use charity as an excuse. It’s like taking human shields.

I had never heard of such auctioning, but apparently, “the idea isn’t new: elite private schools have also found fund-raising potential in putting internships on the auction block along with a cruise for two.”

At least, the paper acknowledges that there’s something wrong there.

If the idea of paying to work seems counterintuitive, it is. And critics point to the exclusion of the less affluent and the absence of merit as a yardstick. Even bloggers grumble.

Even bloggers? Who doesn’t?

(by way of The Editorialiste)