Immigrants are exploited too

March 1, 2008

What’s wrong with this article about immigrants being offered so-called internships? Yes, it reads like advertisement to a point where one wonders if the paper has been paid for it. But more substantially, it doesn’t define what’s an internship. The most obvious reason is that they are not internships: they are just un(der)paid jobs.

Interns are paid by the host organization, although they are not paid a full salary with benefits, because it’s considered a work experience.

How can one justify this argument? Isn’t every job, including CEO of the largest corporation, a “work experience”? At the beginning of a career, aren’t we all learning the ropes, building a CV? Why is it used to forgo the paycheck of some vulnerable workers who have little bargaining power?

Looks like immigrants are now potential allies of recent graduates in the fight against exploitation of new entrants on the job market.