Grilling the interviewer

December 4, 2007

Gotta love a posting on internships that links to this blog. Network Twenty (“a place for twenty-somethings to find advice, show off their talents, mingle, and pool their knowledge about relevant issues”) gives some advice on how to interview for an unpaid internship. While they may not go far enough, they sure raise the bar from accepting anything that will provide experience.


Straight Answer

December 1, 2007

I like the answer that this professor of management gives to a private assets management company planning to start an internship program. Not sure they had the best intentions:

How do we best integrate the individual into the flow of our business without overwhelming his/her capacity or our resources?

The professor, Sally Power, doesn’t give them a break:

Second, request that one or two employees serve as mentors to the intern. Mentoring works best as a volunteer project and is most effective when mentor and intern have an affinity for each other. Ask for volunteers.

Looks like this intern will get a real apprenticeship, rather than offering free labor to an organization that manages the millions of others.