A mere necessity?

We’ve reached that point:

“If you come out of here without any internship experience, you will have a really difficult time getting a job”

This is part of the answer to the often repeated “Then just don’t take the unfair internship and get yourself a real job!” The internship is becoming mandatory because students compete against each other for positions and employers take advantage of it by offering unfair internships. Students have no choice but to accept them if they want to land a paid job at some point.


One Response to A mere necessity?

  1. Gigi Girls says:

    Although it is important to have an internship to land a job, i think it is unreasonable for students to accept unfair internships. There are so many great internships out there and it is important to learn something from your experience, rather then do nothing to just add it to your resume. Students need to realize how valuable they are to companies and as soon as they are confident enough, companies will be less likely to take advantage of their services.

    Personality, I have experienced an unfair internship and I wish I would have left sooner then I did. It wasn’t worth the time and effort just to be able to have it on my resume.

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