Spirofrog – A German Resource

A good way to fight unfair internships is to turn them down in the first place. It would be easier if sufficient alternatives were available. Here’s a German tools that should help our German-speaking readers: Spirofrog. It lists only fair internships, based on the German initiative, Fair Company.

Tor students this service is great as they get access to “paid only” internships free of charge, and companies can display themselves as a ‘fair company’.

It lists internships anywhere in the world, not only in Germany, so get yourself a German/Swiss/Austrian friend and start digging. Apparently, an English version is planned in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

(By way of Blognation)


2 Responses to Spirofrog – A German Resource

  1. spirofrog says:

    Very good comment, thanks very much.

    Currently we have aslo offers for freshers in India, USA, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Adding more daily.

    The English version of http://www.spirofrog.de will be available at the end of November 2007.

    So get registered now “for free” at http://www.spirofrog.de/Home/Registrierung

    Thomas from the http://www.spirofrog.de Team

    Munich/Karlsruhe/ Germany

  2. Weisse Wanne says:

    Nice! I love Spirofrog! It´s a good partner for us!

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