European quality charter on internships

How did we miss this one a few weeks ago? The European Union has noticed unfair internships and is putting its foot on the ground. As part of a larger program, the European Commission plans to create a “European quality charter on internships” in 2008. Here’s the rationale:

Intended to be a stepping stone into employment, internships can become a way of life for some. With many people chasing the same post, the system is open to abuse some people are not paid while others are not given the chance of regular employment. To combat these problems, the EU aims to publish a European quality charter on internships in 2008.

The second sentence is a reminder of why some get caught into unfair internships at the same time: the employers are taking advantage of a competitive job market. When individuals are in this situation, collective action is not only welcome, it is necessary.

(via Politka Berlin who unfortunately falls into blaming the victims)


2 Responses to European quality charter on internships

  1. Ein fohes Neues Jahr!

  2. […] Quality Charter on Internships – An Update The last and only time we mentioned the European Quality Charter on Internships was in December… 2007. It was promised for 2008. […]

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