How to report an unfair internship

If you’re here because you think you’ve got an unfair internship yourself, you’ll be happy to know that you can report it to the authorities anonymously enough.

This blogger has taken the time to go through the whole process. It took him a certain time to find out, for which we are grateful, meaning that you can take the fast lane in following his steps.

  1. Try to determine if your internship is truly an unfair internship. Compare your internship program to what the law (the federal Fair Labor Standards Act) says. This article is a great guide.
  2. Find your local [Department of Labour] office. You can find your state’s DOL website here but you ultimately need to contact your local office, which might be a city or county office.
  3. Call them and let them know why you think your internship might be illegal.

In a different post, he details how the process went. It’s quite informative. You may be reassured to read that “They only get your contact info if they need to contact you. You will not be mentioned in the investigation in any way and your privacy is protected.”

If you’re an employer, you may be interested to know that your interns can report you of they are treated unfairly. As the blogger says: “One of the things they will do is to give a surprise visit to the company in question.” It keeps you honest.

So that’s for the United States. Anybody knows how to report an unfair internship in another country?


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