An intern takes the matter into his own hands

July 25, 2007

An intern has decided to find out how to report anonymously an employer that violates the FLSA. It seems clear that with 25 unpaid employees, his employer has put herself in an illegal situation. We will keep you posted of major developments.

We need more of these interns aware of those situations who take the time to report their employers if the situation is ever to improve.

Update: He got the most unexpected answer: the Department doesn’t even seem aware of the law! “For unpaid internships and volunteer work are not considered employment relationships since they are usually at-will and not compensated. U.S. Department of Labor regulations address employment relationships between employers and employees.” He’s pursuing the issue. This is getting even more interesting.


How about $3100 a week?

July 25, 2007

Here’s a domain where internships are not unfair and mostly no unpaid: law.

It’s very good news for recent law graduates, but I’m afraid that, put in the wrong hands, it will be used as an example of how youngsters are spoiled today. It would be missing the big picture of the unfair internships path to the job market.