Viva Las Vegas

UNLV LogoHurray for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, that will launch this fall the “Rebel Intern” program that will ensure that interns do not get abused by employers. This program covers interns that do not receive credit from the university. Since there is little monitoring of these internships, students are more vulnerable. The program “provides students an on-campus advocate if an employer is not living up to his end of the bargain.”

Paul Cardino, from UNLV, explains: “If an employer migrates away from the goals of the student, it’s a way of redirecting the program. We advocate for the student.” It’s good news as interns have little to no bargaining power (the good old “don’t take the job if you’re not happy!”) and no way of getting organized since they are spread across a multitude of organizations. They need this kind of support.


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