Be exploited to be exploited

Students charged charged “almost $1,000 for writing them “internship-focused” résumés and cover letters”?! When are we going to reach the bottom of the barrel?

The competition to get an internship is no longer sane nor reasonable. Writing a résumé is not a $1000 thing and certainly not for a résumé. I used to do this and I was charging $20, with very good results. Search the Internet, buy a book, but for heaven’s sake, please don’t give a penny to those guys so that they get you an unpaid job.


One Response to Be exploited to be exploited

  1. […] when it raised the issue of paying for internships (The Price of Success, December 26, 2007). I had asked when we’d hit rock bottom and apparently this time has come. How much would you pay for a […]

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