Are you a Fair Company?

Laudable in the German context is the “Fair Company” initiative launched by the German Karriere (career) magazine. There now are 390 companies, including giants like E.on, Bayer, or Deutsche Post, that have signed up to the initiative by agreeing to the following principles:

  • They will not substitute internships for full-time positions.
  • They will not provide an internship in lieu of a full-time job to someone who applied for a full-time position.
  • They will not seek to attract interns by making vague promises about a subsequent full-time position.
  • They will provide internships primarily to assist professional orientation while a potential intern is undergoing a form of education.
  • They will pay inters an adequate allowance

If that isn’t a good start, then I don’t know what is. Now the challenge will be monitor behavior, which Karriere is hoping to achieve by asking interns to report compliance to the editors.

Hopefully, the initiative will be replicated in other countries.


One Response to Are you a Fair Company?

  1. […] German-speaking readers: Spirofrog. It lists only fair internships, based on the German initiative, Fair Company. Tor students this service is great as they get access to “paid only” internships free of […]

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