The seedy underbelly of internships

Too much news coverage of internships treats the issue of unfair internships as an aside, a quick mention to say that “some” (including the government) think that unpaid internships are not such always a great opportunity after all.

But Brian Pierce in the Internships: an expose of coffee runs and unfair labor practices, June 14, 2006) takes the frontal approach:

But could it be that the world of internships has a seedy underbelly just waiting to be exposed to the light of day? The sort of thing 60 Minutes would take a grainy, hidden-camera view of, complete with tearful tell-all interviews with exploited interns and embarrassing confessions by employers?

The answer is yes, actually.

Right on. It is the position of that such practices are a scandal waiting to be exposed, and not just in the US. It is an exploitation of labor in a position of vulnerability.


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