Interns: FT thinks you’re rich

They must be kidding. The Financial Times’ leader took some of its precious time on September 2nd to address interns, inspired by the recent misadventures of Lucy Gao. The tone is light and they poke fun at interns. They must still be on this ironic streak when they imply interns earn so much:

Eventually you will wonder why the bank is paying you 1,000 Pounds a week to do nothing. The truth is that you are being taken for a test drive and they are watching to see how you handle it.

And since the FT assumes that interns are overpaid, they will be forgiven for making a plea that would be dubious in the context of an unfair internship: 

Finally, though, a plea to your employers. Your interns take you very seriously. They believe they are working for the best bank on the planet and they just want to be useful. So please give your interns something to do. Otherwise they are liable to think that life is one long party.


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