Stop the press: interns are having a drink!

August 15, 2006

The Washington Post is taking internships very seriously: they have an article about them almot every single day of the week. I keep for later an in-depth review of their First Jobs & Internships Guide, but the iron is hot for their article “At Workday’s End, Interns Turn On the Schmooze” (August 13th, 2006).

It’s not a very interesting read and it casts interns in a unfavourable light as if they were show-off and desperate for prestige and networking in a different way from other graduates and young professionals. The fact is: they are different only because they are not paid for their work. What can you expect if the only salary you offer them is the opportunity to network? Sure, they will. Some of it sounds a bit sad, but I’m not sure the basic concept deserves mockery.


  • Rusty at Why I hate DC makes some funny points, but fails to recognize that  going out in bars and networking is not a specific intern activity.
  • Alec Brandon at the Chicago Maroons blog proclaims: “So glad I am not a DC intern
  • Even Wonkette deigns to refer to the article.
  • A village idiot notices that most of them are white. I’d be more curious to have a socioeconomic profile to see how many come from privileged backgrounds, which is a fundamental flaw of unpaid jobs.
  • Martin Austeruhle at DCist, Johnny Shades at Cafe 227, and Matthew Igelsias are probably asking the right question: what’s news about this article? Unfair internships, congressmen potentially violating the law by not paying their staff and the Post announces that these youngsters hang out in pubs after work?