Google Trends: Internships/Internship

Let’s have a look at the Google trends related to “internships/internship” searches.

  • Washington DC is where the search is most popular. Not quite a surprise, except maybe that it’s people from DC who are looking for internships. Does it mean that DC internships do not attract so many out-of-district students?
  • Cambridge comes second for “internships” and first for “internship”.* It may be because of the concentration of students (Harvard and MIT), but it may also be a sign that the privileged are most active in looking for an internship. Or maybe it’s the most resourceful and ambitious.
  • There are less searches during the summer, while there are more news about internships. It’s probably a sign that students plan their internships in advance – much in advance actually since January and February are the months where tehere are the most “internships” searches.

* The city ranking of Google Trends does not appear reliable : it yields different results according that you specifically ask for a comparison or that you search separately for “internships” and “internship“. I used the manual results.


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