Ask the “experts” (ahem)

I typed “illegal internship” in Google and found this page: “Ask the experts: Are Unpaid Internships Illegal?” (College Recruiter). Promising, you would think. Curb your enthusiasm.

There is no obligation for payment…

Whether or not an organization chooses to pay its interns is a function of supply and demand, budget…

I couldn’t resist: I wrote them.


I have two questions about your piece: “Ask the experts: Are unpaid internships illegal?” (

First, why is none of your experts a labor lawyer? Aren’t lawyers the real experts when it comes to the legality of a labor practice?

Second, why is none of your experts mentioning the Fair Labour Standards Act that outlaws a large range of unpaid internships?

The result is that some of your answers promote a behaviour that is considered illegal.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ex Intern

I’ll keep you posted on their answer.


Update (Sept. 23): They haven’t replied yet, so I resent my questions.


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