Internships are not free

Ladies and gentlemen, the US government promotes illegal activities. (Interns Provide Free Labor, But Internships Are Not Always Free, Voice of America, August 9, 2006)

Internships are usually unpaid, and the work might not always be the most exciting. (…) For most organizations, interns mean extra workers for little or no cost.

Let’s make one thing clear: if an internship is unpaid, boring and brings helping hands to an organization, it’s illegal.
And it’s not like they don’t know it.

Businesses might require interns to receive college credit for their experience. These businesses are concerned about labor laws that say workers must receive something in return for their work. So, if not money, then credits.

They sure should be concerned. What if Voice of America finds out about it? Apparently, nothing. They’ll report it as common practice.

The tone of the audio recording is priceless. It’s English for learners, but in this context, it sounds like brainwashing.


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