False alarm

My hear skipped a beat and I almost spit out my croissant when I opened the paper this morning: “Government tightens rules on interns, contracts” (Chicago Sun-Times, August 8, 2006)

This is it: the beginning of the end of unfair internships! This website is already having an effect! But I quickly calmed down when I realized that it was another type of unfair internships:

Under investigation by federal prosecutors, the Blagojevich administration is tightening its rules for hiring interns — positions that often have gone to people with political connections to the Democratic governor.

One of the fake interns was 60-year old and the other one, 31, was prison business administrator. This is one more evidence that “internship” has lost its original meaning. The U.S. Attorney is conducting an investigation. Would he do the same if it were students unpaid for a normal job?


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