For the price of a domain name

August 2, 2006

They seem to be proud of it.

The Department of Homeland Security took more than five months and millions of dollars to create a website that was redeveloped in nine weeks by a 20 year-old college sophomore for the price of a domain name.

Why not “the price of a domain name AND a one-person salary”? Emily Hesaltine has apparently done a good job, so why not pay her? (Source)

As another bit of evidence that “intern” has come to cover all sorts of jobs, here’s what they call an intern in New York:

Gurdineer is one of about 25 interns hired every summer by Metro-North Railroad as “air conditioner inspectors” for the fleet management division. Gurdineer rides about eight trains a day, testing each car’s temperature to determine whether it’s cool enough for commuters.

There’s no mention of salary, but let’s hope that “intern” doesn’t stand for “underpaid”. (Source)