You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

You think the competition is tight already?

“Mark Oldman, a founder and a co-president of, a career-information Web site, said his firm estimates that the number of high school students doing internships has increased 30 percent in the past five years.”

It’s taken from a New York Times story (Interns, the Founts of Youth, July 28, 2006) about teenagers “hired” as interns for adults who need their expertise in teenagerism. Let’s not knock on friendhsip here, but if the professionals get a salary out of what the teenagers do for them, it would only be fair to share.

  • Magnificient bastard links the practice to child labour and ironically announces “Seems like a grand idea to me…I’ll take two!”
  • Matt Sokoloff, an intern at ABC in New York, wonders if he’s doing enough to bring out the inner child in his senior producer.
  • Pamela Ross recalls her own internships: “Back when I was filing papers and copying documents, I felt as if “They” were doing me a favor. My day was complete if I was complimented on my excellence in coffee making skills.”
  • The article draws the attention of Frank Bruno who calls the phenomenon “creepy”.

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