Let’s talk about unfair internships

Along with temperatures, the issue of unfair internships tends to get hotter as summer approaches. And now, it’s the heatwave. Students have emerged from academia, hoping to gain money and experience over their summer holiday. Unfortunately, they all too often realize that they will have to make a choice between the two: either they will take up a paid job not related to their field of study, or they will take an un(der)paid internship.

After years of reflexion and discussion on the issue, I’ve decided to do my bit. I hope that this blog will become an agora where the issue is discussed, a resource for those who are confronted with unpaid internships, a place where to find what the world is saying about unpaid internships.

I make no secret about my position: I think that unfair internships should be abolished. There are many nuances to this affirmation and all internships are not bad, so I invite you to explore the FAQ section to know more about it. This blog will not keep out the opinions of those who believe unfair internships are a good thing – mainly because I believe in the right to disagree.

That being said, the tone will, hopefully, be moderate. I understand that the blogosphere and the Internet in general are not conducive to polite exchanges, but let’s make an effort here. Shall I betray my own commitment, please call me on it. And please do your part in the comments section. The main reason is that we have more chances to be heard if we employ a respectful tone and avoid personal attacks.


2 Responses to Let’s talk about unfair internships

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